Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Start

So, it has been a while coming but the PIU blog is up and running!

We've been busy in the Process Improvement Unit since it was set up - despite a fairly modest beginning we now have lots of processes to look at and requests for assistance are starting to come in, which is always good.

We have also continued to talk to departmental, faculty and professional services representatives, and held two initial scoping meetings, for the CiCS Helpdesk reporting project, and for IC Helpdesk referrals. We have also held a number of exploratory meetings for the Bank workers process and for Points Based Immigration system, and scoping meetings for these are being set up. 

The Online Program Management project has also requested our help, and a workshop has been scheduled. An initial scoping meeting for the Change of Status (Circumstances) process is also now scheduled.

A second co-ordinator has now been appointed, although we will have to wait for her to be released from her existing role. We're hoping it won't be long until the Unit is up to full strength however! 

The web site (http://www.shef.ac.uk/piu) is now operational and a simple leaflet to describe the ‘lean’ process is being produced.

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