Tuesday, 11 December 2012

First event

Points Based Immigration System for students

As part of the review of Confirmation for Acceptance of Studies (CAS), project team members met for a week-long improvement event.
The review was attended by members of all offices involved in the production of CAS certificates, including:
  • Student Support Information Desk
  • English Language Teaching Centre
  • Admissions
  • Registry Services
  • Income Office
  • Research & Innovation Services
  • Taught Programmes Office
  • International Office
  • International Student Support


A conceptually relatively simple change to the order of process activities, involving the front-loading of data gathering activities, will eliminate or greatly reduce the need for rechecking of data, and will reduce applicants’ points of contact with the process. This will in turn reduce the amount of staff time, both at the centre and in departments, spent in answering queries. Changing the students’ activity from responding to a request to provide information for the CAS to requesting the CAS themselves will smooth troughs and peaks of demand. Full implementation of these changes will require computer systems alterations and developments, but many small changes can be made which will provide benefits while moving towards the goal.

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