Sunday, 14 April 2013

Presentation on waste and value

Last Monday we were invited to give a short presentation at the CiCS departmental meeting, ostensibly to give an update on PIU activities. The unit is still in its first year and we were keen to introduce as many people as possible to the tools and underpinning principles of process improvement.
The majority of the presentation was about waste and value; we showed photographs and specific examples from in and around the department. It is often a challenge for people to think about their work as waste, particularly when this is for the purpose of compliance or another non value adding process step. It can be even more challenging for people to focus on value from the customer’s perspective. We actively encouraged the group to think about the voice of the customer, to think about making small continuous improvements. We have received many comments from colleagues following the presentation and it is interesting that many have focused on waste rather than value. Our next step will be to encourage people to focus on value and incremental, change for the better. We are looking forward to supporting and working with colleagues on this journey of process improvement.

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