Friday, 19 July 2013

A week in Process Improvement Unit

What springs to my mind when I’ve  done a review of all I‘ve experienced in the internship is LEAN.
This is simply the focus of the team of The Process Improvement Unit. Fortunately , I had the opportunity of being part of the team and seeing  the hard work involved in providing exactly what the university needs at the right time, by improving processes such as maternity leave or casual workers fees .
Very often, students  and staff of the University don’t realize the work which is behind from all the daily processes, especially in  making them accessible and available  to anyone, with any budget . The Unit  uses  techniques  for reducing  variation and eliminating waste , just better and more efficient, listening to needs from all sectors , holding   meetings with administrative sector or educational sectors as well .

Before coming to Sheffield, I would never have  known how the university deals with all their daily lives problems, and it’ s been worth it having this experience.

In other words, David, Rachel and Lizzie are the gear of the University of Sheffield , adopting a philosophy of continuous , incremental improvement and taking a long -term view of what the university needs and caring about what can they offer to the university  so that it can become up to date, efficient and competitive . Undoubtedly,  doing their best and cooperating closely with the university is the only way  of facing the future.

It’ s their first anniversary but I wholeheartedly think that they would keep growing faster and faster and becoming one of the most important units in the university.

Claudia Navarro Pascual, Universidad de Valencia

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