Friday, 9 August 2013

Business as usual

It’s been a busy couple of weeks in the Process Improvement Unit. Last week we held a Rapid Improvement Event for the Counselling Service. We had a lot to get through, too much, and we had to scale back on our ambitions at the half way mark.  We are still working on getting scope right for our projects! Nonetheless, it was a successful event, with a number of real changes to the way that the service works that will make it more responsive to student demand, and at the same time make the service offering more easily understood, both by referrers and by clients. It was a big cultural shift for the service and we were impressed with their  willingness to make difficult decisions.

Many of the improvements depend on the software the service uses, and at least one member of PIU has been unable to resist the temptation to install and configure a test setup to see if it can do what we need it to do. Hopefully we’ll get all the bits together so we can run through the registration process and see how it works.

This week we’ve had two scoping meetings, one for Staff user account provisioning and one to look at the process for users requesting work from the Learning and Teaching Support team in CiCS. One group came up with a problem statement in about 10 minutes, the other took (considerably) longer. If a problem’s that difficult to specify, should we be looking at it at all, or should we wait until it becomes clearer?

In other news, we’re very pleased that the VC is hosting a launch event for the unit, and even more pleased that our friend and mentor Steve Yorkstone from Napier is able to come to lend sector credibility to our efforts.

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