Monday, 25 November 2013

Improving the Improvers

We've been in Edinburgh for the first meeting of the Lean in HE Hub committee meeting. The group has been created in response to the growing practice of lean in HE, we will create a website which will be a source of information about what's happening with lean in HE and there will be an annual conference. For me, the opportunity to meet with fellow practitioners and focusing on making continuous improvements in our practice was invaluable. The meeting was great, the networking  is always good, but perhaps most useful for me was the afternoon workshop where we discussed how to best support and develop lean advocates; the session generated loads of ideas and I can't wait to put some of the ideas in practice.

The next day, I took the opportunity to go up to St Andrews and meet with the Mark and Finlay. St. Andrews has had a Lean unit since about 2007, having the opportunity to meet them, see their training room and discuss opportunities and problems was incredibly helpful. Immediate actions for me will be thinking about ways of reminding project participants that we work for The University of Sheffield, rather than in their own departmental silos. I also want to think about props to use for walking participants through an improved process, maybe even some lego mini figures? We also shared some ideas around 5s, ground rules for events and how to focus the group onto the needs of the student.

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