Thursday, 21 November 2013

Training our Project Participants

We’ve just run a training event for the project team for the Staff User Account Provisioning Project. The training is a hybrid version of the lean awareness training and the process mapping training we deliver to small groups.

Lean principles are still relatively new concepts to our project participants, the training frequently generates interesting discussions about the term ‘customer’, ‘student’, ‘user’, ‘beneficiary’ etc moving people on from questioning terminology to focusing on the main concept of designing processes with the primary customer's needs and desires in mind, can be challenging. Equally concepts of value, waste and flow can be thought-provoking and quite difficult for staff who are part of a process that is managed across many different university departments.

One of my favourite parts of the training is process mapping the tea making process, it always creates lively conversations, and people struggle to work through the steps of the process (often forgetting to add water/ turn the kettle etc). Staff find it a helpful introduction into the basic concepts of process mapping.

Last but not least, an exercise that involves lego; it requires people to go through various iterations of lego ziggurat building which helps people to understand the priciples of single-piece flow, pull and continuous improvement, so far it has been incredibly well received and it really helps people to gain an understanding of lean.

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