Monday, 16 December 2013

Access to staff accounts and services

Recently, we ran a five day rapid improvement event looking at staff user account provisioning. This process primarily begins when a new member of staff starts employment with the university and they need a staff card and computer account to access key systems and services. However, there is additional complexity depending on staff type, a role change for an existing member of staff, staff retiring or leaving and so on.
During the five days we unpicked the current process which had a number of start points according to staff type and how the enquiry was raised. We also started to create a master list of services that can be requested following the creation of a set of default accounts. This list is long and still requires work to clarify who across the university grants access and how this should be requested.
All in all, the team started to understand how many days (sometimes weeks) of lost work, frustration and inconvenience is can be caused by this complex, unclear process. In addition, the University is constantly evolving and staff types change to meet new needs. We were fortunate to have representation from a number of academic departments and Epigenesys (an enterprise company linked to the university) so that we could focus on getting the process right for all staff types.
The outcome was the draft of a document that will clarify the long list of additional services and access methods (this work will be carried out over the next month), simplification of the process for casual workers employed by the University, working out a way of improving user account provisioning for non standard types of staff/ worker and agreement to undertake some small system enhancements to allow this process to happen before staff start at the university, with the ultimate aim of all staff having access to the right services at the right time.
There is still some further work needed to achieve these aims, but by mid-January some of the initial quick wins will be implemented, and the medium term work will benefit from an improved process and shared staff vision of what is possible and we should be working towards.

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