Monday, 24 February 2014

Parting is.....

On Friday last week our project assistant Lizzie left the unit to move to a different role in our department. We have depended heavily on Lizzie to organise our events, to chivvy us about about things we haven’t done, and to keep a track of all the mechanics of our projects so that we are up-to-date with our documentation. She’s also maintained the web site, and wrestled with the complex timetabling of our steering group meetings.
Without the support of a project assistant it would be very difficult to function effectively as a team, and this reminds us that, as lean practitioners, we need to understand and value the work of everyone involved in the processes that we help to improve. Often the invisible work is the most important.
We will very much miss Lizzie and all of the strengths and talents she brought to the unit. We wish her every success in her new role and hope that she’ll also be pleased to know that we are using this experience to reflect on how people can have a very positive impact on process.

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