Tuesday, 20 January 2015

New Year, New PIU

From the beginning of January we have a slightly improved structure within the Process Improvement Unit. There are still two Process Improvement Coordinators within the Unit, our role is to facilitate improvement projects, deliver training and help people within the university think about process. We have a new Assistant Co-ordinator who will help to facilitate projects, be more involved with data collection and deliver some of the training. The project support role has changed slightly, but still enables us to do a lot of the admin support for projects and training (including scheduling of all meetings and writing up/ recording outputs).

We hope that the changes will help us offer a better service to the university. It should give us more flexibility, and help us run projects and training quickly (at the time our customers want it to happen). We are becoming increasingly interested in benefits realisation; the new structure provides more resource for data collection and analysis (quantitative and qualitative), we will continue to do this using a lean approach (avoiding unnecessary bureaucracy, over processing and over burden).

We will also be doing some work to continue to improve our own internal processes and to ensure that our standard work is still fit for purpose for the new structure.

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