Thursday, 26 March 2015

Improving our Training

We have just finished delivering our process improvement eight module training to the fourth group of staff. At the end of the eighth module we get the group to undertake an evaluation exercise. We were really pleased with the feedback which was largely positive. The group particularly liked the balance of theory and practical exercises, they felt that the sessions were the right length and the delivery style.

Improvements we are going to make are:

  • Emphasise that people are welcome to put in time with us (outside of the training time) to talk about their individual project.
  • Consider changing our gemba exercise to to a university example.
  • Create some more practical exercises to illustrate value and waste and Theory of Constraints.
  • Review the content of some of the modules, to see if we can remove some of the tools rather than rushing it.
  • Review the scheduling of the training, so that we don’t have more than one session a week .

The next set is scheduled for April, we are looking forward to delivering the improvements.

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