Monday, 11 May 2015

Using Ketso as a tool for action

We recently hired a Ketso ( set for a month.  Ketso was developed in the 1990’s and originated in Lesotho and South Africa. Ketso is Lesotho for action. It was developed as a tool to give minority people a voice.

The kit comes in a bag, which makes it easy to take to individual workshops. It consists of several large felt mats, with a variety of shapes (ovals, leaves, parallelograms) that can be written on using the non-permanent markers. 




We used the sets at a recent Lean HE Hub workshop ( and for a review with one of our projects.





·      It made a nice change from using post it notes

·      The different colour leaves provided good visual management for each stage of the process

·      The branches allowed us to theme ideas and problems

·      The prioritisation icons were helpful for identifying actions

·      The process allowed for both individual reflection and group discussion

·      It is useful for round table discussions/workshops



·      The leaves were quite small, so it wasn’t always easy to see what people were writing

·      The work was round a table, so it wasn’t always easy to see what was on the leaves at the opposite point

·      The leaf colour was quite muted, and didn’t always inspire creativity

·      The ink on the leaves smudged

·      The are a finite amount of branches which can be restrictive

·      Once we had finished the work, the leaves on the mats did not travel well, many were displaced which made it difficult to type up the results

·      Due to group size, we used two mats, it was difficult to join up the work of the two groups

It’s always fun to try new creative tools, and the prioritisation element of the set certainly gave me some ideas about things we could use in the future.  However, for me, the power of the post-it note still rules as number one.

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