Monday, 15 June 2015

UCISA PCMG – Project and Change Management – Why bother? #PCMG15

I’m on the committee for the UCISA Project and Change Management Group, we hosted our first say event last week. It’s been really interesting being a small part of the group that put this event together.

The planning has taken almost a year from initiation to finally delivering: starting with identifying a suitable date and venue, to agreeing the schedule and perhaps most importantly bringing the right speakers in.

We held the event in Birmingham on 10 June. I thoroughly enjoyed the day, and initial feedback seems to show that attendees really enjoyed the event. Take a look at the UCISA website for detailed information (and slides)

Highlights for me were the main speakers: Gerry Pennell Director CIO at The University of Manchester who gave a very relevant and candid talk about the transformation work that has been happening there; Dr Ruth Murray-Webster who reminded us to focus on the people who are being required to change, not just on the change agent, Adrian Reed (International Institute of Business Analysis) gave us an amusing, yet incisive look into the role of the Business Analyst, and Prof Zoe Radnor reminded us to not only use lean to improve our processes but also to focus on service excellence and co-production.

I think that the day was a really good mix of high-level change aspirations to some really practical useful tools that we can start to use in our day jobs. I thoroughly enjoyed attending the sessions and I’m already looking forward to the next event. Follow @ucisa_pcmg for further information.

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