Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Meeting the FDOs

We've been trying since the inception of the Process Improvement Unit to engage with staff outside the 'centre' - Professional Services. We've had some success with this effort. Many of our projects have involved team members from academic departments, and indeed their involvement has been crucial to the outcomes of these projects.

However, involvement has usually been from the ground up, and departmental staff have attended because they saw the need to improve particular processes. 
What we need now is a more strategic involvement at faculty level, so that we can help with the bigger processes or value streams which really do have an impact on the strategy of the University, rather than purely the operational side of the organisation.
To this end, we set up a meeting with the University's five Faculty Directors of Operations (FDOs) so that we could ask this question: what can we help you with? 
With the help of our Chief Financial Officer, who is very supportive of our efforts and convinced of the benefit of our approach, we tried to stimulate discussion about where our resources might best be directed.
We wait to see whether concrete suggestions are made post-meeting, but the meeting itself was slightly disappointing for us. It's clear that there is a range of understanding and misunderstanding about what we do, about its benefits, and about its sustainability. We need to work harder to remove these misunderstandings.

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