Friday, 21 August 2015

Process Improvement Training

PIU currently offer training in Process Improvement Awareness, Process Mapping, Creative Problem Solving and Lean Leadership in addition to our 8 Module Practitioner training. Colleagues can find out more about our training on our website and can sign up to these training sessions via the University's Learning Management System.

In addition to our standard offering we have started to see an increase in requests for tailored training for teams and groups, both internally and externally, covering techniques and theory directly relevant to the process problems experienced by the team.

We have found that there are some real benefits to whole teams undertaking process improvement training together. Firstly it can sometimes be difficult for an individual who has taken part in some of our training to go back and make improvements without some shared understanding with their colleagues of Lean and the PI techniques. With this shared understanding making improvements and solving process problems can be much easier. It is also a useful opportunity for teams to have the time and neutral space to discuss some of their process problems and how they might make changes and improvements.

Topics often requested include:
  • An introduction to Lean
  • Process mapping
  • Value and waste
  • The benefits of standard operating
  • Problem definition
  • Visual management

However training does often require a significant input of time by the attendees, usually half a day, in order for the theory and techniques to be covered in enough detail to be of practical use.

If you would like more information about how PIU could help your team, just get in touch via our email

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