Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Lean HE Hub Steering Group Meeting (September 2015)

We try to meet as a hub every quarter. Last Wednesday’s meeting was a little it different, the main order of business was preparing for the #LeanHE2015 Conference. The University of Waterloo had done all of the hard work organising the conference, as a steering group we made sure that we were all clear about the agenda, activities and the support activities we were expected to fulfil. Other items of business included firming up on some ideas we’ve had for mentoring, improvements to our website (leanhehub.ac.uk) and an interesting and fruitful discussion about ensuring our work also focuses on teaching activities. Helping to improve teaching processes has proved to be a challenging area for many institutions, watch this space.

In the afternoon we usually host a seminar, however rather than have a seminar and conference in one week, we had a tour of The University of Waterloo’s Velocity Hub. It is an impressive place that has been set up to support student (and recent graduate) entrepreneurship. Student companies receive some space mentoring and guidance to help them successfully develop their businesses. We got to talk to some of the people and I was impressed with how focused they were (possibly because the company’s get to keep all profits and intellectual property, the university does not take a cut). The result was a very respectful, reciprocal relationship that continued to last even once the companies had moved onto bigger things.

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