Thursday, 24 September 2015

Lincoln visit

On Tuesday we hosted a visit from the Continuous Improvement Office at The University of Lincoln. I love meeting up with fellow practitioners to share experience and best practice. There were a lot of similarities which helped us bond:
  • we both use a five day rapid improvement event model for our projects.
  • we are both delivering a mix of project work and training.
  • we’ve worked on some similar projects.
  • we are working to ensure that our approach embeds continuous improvement and not one off change.
  • we focus on process rather than IT solutions.

I was pleased that we spent the day sharing experiences about engaging our project teams, engaging academics and getting stakeholder buy-in rather than  comparing tools or specific project outcomes. It was a delight to speak to people who understand that a one-size fits all approach is not appropriate and depends on the specific process problems and the specific culture of the team/ business unit/department.

We were very impressed with the work that has been undertaken at Lincoln and look forward to visiting them in the New Year.

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