Tuesday, 6 October 2015

My first week in PIU

The first week of my student placement is over and I can already tell that the next two weeks are going to be even more interesting.
Before I started my internship I didn’t know what LEAN was or how much work it is to improve processes. That’s why it was a great learning experience to begin the first week with a 3-day event involving a real case and a flowchart which I got to create on my own on the second day. Talk about responsibility…
Now in my second week I’m more involved and I even got to create paper airplanes and play with Lego (for educational purposes of course) .Not something that you do often in your everyday job.
I hope that the next two weeks are going to be as informative and varied as the first one and that I get to learn a lot more about process improvement.

Alisha is from Kamen, Germany. She is spending three weeks with PIU undertaking a work placement shadowing the Co-ordinators  who support Process Improvement projects and training.

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