Friday, 16 October 2015

My last day in the Process Improvement Unit

Today is my last day after spending three week in the Process Improvement Unit and now I can confirm what everyone told me when I started : I can’t wait to never see any post-its again :D

In the three weeks that I have been here, I’ve learned a lot. How to create flow charts on the computer, how to improve your workflow, what LEAN is and what the connection between Toyota and Process Improvement is.

Before I started here I’ve never really thought about how to make work easier or how much work it is to try to improve processes.  But now I think that it is really important to thinkover your workprocesses and think about how you can solve every-day problems and maybe I’ll even try some of the things I’ve learned in my company back home.

But most importantly it was a lot of fun to be here and definitely worth the experience. I also want to thank Rachel, David, Leah and Gillian for making the three weeks fly by and letting me be a part of their work.
Alisha is from Kamen, Germany. She spent three weeks with PIU undertaking a work placement shadowing the Co-ordinators  who support Process Improvement projects and training.

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