Monday, 19 October 2015

Presenting at the AUA Development Conference

Last Thursday, I was at The University of York for the AUA (Association of University of Administrators) Development Conference. The day was focused on using Lean in HE and the improvements we can gain from this methodology. The plenary sessions were thought provoking, from a wide range of expert speakers.

The workshop that I led was focused on giving people a few tools that they can use for scoping a lean project. I was planning to co-present the session however; my colleague was unable to attend due to illness, this gave me some logistical challenges. So, this is a very personal blog entry not about the importance of good process, or using lean, but that in all these things we must not forget people.

I was incredibly humbled throughout the day, various colleagues (and good friends) from other institutions stepped in to help, made offers of assistance, stayed behind after the session (missing vital lunchtime) to support me. I couldn’t have delivered my session without the support of the AUA staff and The University of York who managed at short notice to get me extra flipchart paper and a lapel mic etc. Alongside the patience of the group I presented to (things took a little longer than planned), the support of a few strategically placed helpers and the people who chatted to me afterwards who also helped to clear way the post-it notes it really made a difference. A very personal thank you to everyone from me.

It has also reminded me, when we make our improvements that the actions, and the buy-in for the activities relies on a lot of people and we must not forget the activities that are required to help all of our stakeholders implement improvements.

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