Thursday, 19 November 2015

‘Continuous Improvement Tools to Support Team Processes’ #myThirty30

This week we ran our ‘Continuous Improvement tools to Support Team Processes’ training for the first time and it also happened to be our first #myThirty30 training!

The training is designed to equip participants with tools they can use with their team to evaluate and improve team processes and covered problem solving techniques, the benefits of standard work and visual management.

We were anxious about delivering this training for the first time, partly because it is new but also because it involved slightly different activities to some of our other training. After a group brainstorming activity, the group were asked to think about and list the different process in their work area and consider which were standard and which could benefit from being standardised. We also asked them to draft a design for a visual management board that would benefit them and their team.

Both these exercises were quite individual and reflective which we feared participants may find a little boring. However after evaluating the training we felt that it was actually helpful to offer participants some time away from the daily distractions to reflect on and consider some of the techniques they were being taught. We also feel that it is important to encourage trainees to leave the training with something useful that they can develop and work on if they wish.

At the end of the training we asked everyone to write down one good thing about the training and one bad thing. We find this a very useful exercise because it captures attendees thoughts whilst the session is still clear in their mind and does not make it yet another task they are expected to complete when they go back to the day job. The group were very polite when feeding back aspects they did not like which does demonstrate one downside of this evaluation technique.

As part of the #myThirty30 training we also asked participants to write on a poster their answers to the question ‘How do I develop best?’. Although this will be sent back to the Staff Development team, we also found it a useful exercise. There were a variety of answers to the question including; one to one, no role playing and as a group, reminding us how important it is to offer training that appeals to a variety of learning styles and that the inclusion of individual exercises alongside group work can be beneficial.

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