Friday, 6 November 2015

Lean HeHub Meeting – The University of Strathclyde

Yesterday (5 November 2015) I was at The University Strathclyde. In the morning we held a LeanHE Hub Steering Group meeting ( It was the first time we had met as a committee  since the highly successful LeanHE Hub Conference at the University of Waterloo in September. Considering the evaluation from the conference and passing the learning onto next year’s conference hosts at The University of Stirling (

We also challenged ourselves as group to ensure that we have a clear remit and offering which is appropriate for UK and International staff in Higher Education.

In the afternoon there was a seminar, attended by about 60 people from institutions across the UK and one special guest who travelled all the way from Canada. There were two sessions, the first was expertly delivered by Heather Lawrence and Dr Nicola Cairns authors of ‘A Guide to Evidencing the Benefits of Business Process Improvement in Higher Education” ( The workshop was stimulating, and included a very accessible practical session, that showed that we can all be involved in evidencing benefits of process improvement regardless of role.

The second session was delivered by Craig Martin Head of HR at Glasgow Airport, explaining how they have used a collaborative approach to improvement to ensure customer service excellence. I look forward to visiting Glasgow Airport soon!

All in all, it was a great day, I got to meet new Business Improvement colleagues from across the sector and came away inspired to make further improvements back at The University of Sheffield.

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