Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Programme of Service Improvement.

In June our HR Operations team contacted us to discuss how we could support them with a programme of improvements. This blog post is to update you on progress to date.

We have held a workshop with staff from HR Ops, Finance, other Professional Services and academic departments to create a shared view of the current problems. This allowed us to start to prioritise some of our improvement activities. We also delivered introductory training to the whole HR Ops team on lean principles and process mapping.

Since then, HR has recruited a graduate intern to support them with some of the work and set up a Service Improvement Steering Group to support and guide the programme of activities. We have worked with HR Ops to scope five projects for improvement (the first of which has a five day improvement event w/c 25 January 16) and we will be delivering our process improvement practitioner training to nine HR ops staff who will each complete a small improvement project of their own.

We really welcome the proactive, service focused view that HR have brought to all of the meetings and look forward to support this programme of activities. However, we will also need to be aware, manage and support the scheduling of improvement activities, so that improvements can be implemented methodically and in a time appropriate way (not all at once), ensure that other staff are involved and we will need to have consideration for other activities that will affect the scheduling and timing of our improvement activities. We also need to ensure that the changes are appropriate for the many different groups of university staff and to ensure that improvements are sustained and continue to evolve.

We would welcome feedback about other programme risks that we need to manage or be aware of.

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