Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The Inspiring Spires of Oxford

Yesterday, I went down to Oxford for a UCISA PCMG meeting. The day before we had very high winds in the UK and this affected the travel plans of a couple of committee members. Fortunately, they were able to join us via Skype. This was perhaps our first learning point, ensure we follow Skype meeting good practice e.g. if it doesn’t work just start the call again and once the meeting is up and running agree how members of the meeting will communicate that they want to speak – this can be challenging if you can’t get eye contact!

I’ve blogged about our standard meeting format before (what are the committee members currently working on, links with other groups, planning for an event/conference, resources we are developing etc. and it still works really well, helping to stimulate discussion, share good practice and offer peer to peer support.

Consider this blog post as a bit of teaser, we’ve got plans for a conference later this year which will be jointly held with another UCISA group, plans to publish more resources and also to start sharing some case studies. Give it a few weeks then take a look at our web page ( or take a peak now and familiarise yourself with the resources we have already published.

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