Thursday, 10 March 2016

Practitioner Event

This afternoon we held our first Practitioner Event! We arranged it in response to work we have been doing with our Practitioners recently to identify how we could better engage with them and encourage communication and collaboration amongst the cohort. This research concluded that the majority of our Practitioners would find an informal gathering that included an opportunity to learn a new process improvement tool and to network with one another helpful.

Today we were very lucky to welcome Claire Ward and Katie Wall from Sheffield Hallam’s Business Improvement Services who facilitated a 1hr training session/workshop looking at Customer Personae and Customer Journey Mapping. For the workshop the group were first split into four groups and each were given a type of customer that would attend a University open day (e.g Parent, prospective PG student, prospective UG student, international student). They were then asked to complete a customer personae for them, listing their back story, motivations, ideal experience and frustrations in relation to attending an open day. This was a really useful way of encouraging people to think about a process from the customer's perspective. Claire then introduced Customer Journey Mapping following which the group split again and completed a customer journey map using the personae they had created earlier and the template SHU use in their workshops. Neither myself or the group had seen this technique before and I particularly liked recognising the touch points between us and our customers in the process (something we do not always consider) and the ‘moments of truth’, the points in the process that are fundamental to customer experience. Myself, Rachel and the group found it extremely interesting and enjoyable! I am already excited to use the techniques in future workshops!

For the last 30mins of the event we facilitated a networking exercise where we asked everyone to write down their PI Paternoster Patter. This was a quick summary of who they were (name, role) what PI activities they had carried since their training and what they would like to do in the future. They then took it in turns to present this back to their group. One of the clear preferences from the cohort when we asked them what they would like an event to include was an opportunity to meet one another and discuss their PI work. We felt that this was a nice way to encourage this (particularly as this was the first time they had all been in the same room).

What will we continue
  • Having external speakers from another institution - this is something we want to continue next time
  • Timing of 90mins - although some expressed concerns that it was too short we feel that the 90mins is a more accessible amount of time for the majority
  • Opportunity to meet others from the cohort - many expressed that this was a useful opportunity to do so and we will encourage this in the next session

We are looking to run the events three times a year and I would like to thank everyone who came along! It was wonderful to see you again, you were a fabulous group who really got stuck in!

I would also like to say a huge thankyou to Claire and Katie again for giving up their time to come up and share a excellent tool!

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