Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Limiting work in progress

For those of you that read Leah's final blog, you will know that she has moved to pastures new. We wish her every success and we are very confident that she will be absolutely amazing in her new role.

To ensure that we are responsive to current (and future) business needs we are taking sometime to create a different role and will not be replacing like for like. In the meantime, realistically we are going to be short staffed for about three months.  Now that our resources are stretched we find ourselves in a situation where managing our current workload is even more critical than usual.

As lean practitioners we already actively monitor and manage our Work in Progress (WIP). Our WIP consists of project work, workshops, training, admin and continuous improvement activities. Our challenge over the next few months will be to ruthlessly prioritise our activities to ensure that they actively contribute to strategy and that they are truly value adding.

Our visual management board and having clear and consistent priorities will support this activity.

I am optimistic that this exercise will support our learning and provide us with examples we can use when working with our project teams and delivering training. It's also going to be potentially painful- it can be hard telling people that their request has not been prioritised.

We'd be really interested in hearing from others about approaches you use to prioritise workload and how you manage WIP.

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