Friday, 13 May 2016

Improving the Staff Contract Issuing process

As part of the programme of work we are running with HR we've just run a three-day event looking at the staff contract issuing process. This process is important for the university as it contributes to our institutional guiding principles "Excellence, ambition, engagement, collegiality, resourcefulness, resilience, agility, diversity, sustainability".

When we identify the candidate we wish to appoint we want to secure their employment with the university as quick as possible. Often, people wait for a contract to be issued before they hand in their notice with current employers and delays result in a delay in people starting work with us.

The focus of the improvement activities were on timely contract issuing and making sure that the contract is accurate.

The outputs of the project are:
Ensuring that all information needed to issue a contract is obtained from the Chair of Interview Panel - we have updated the information that is essential.
Making changes to the system to ensure that when staff complete a "Request to Appoint' all of the relevant fields are mandatory. We have also removed unnecessary fields.
Earlier and improved information to staff who work outside of the UK about National Insurance, tax and bank accounts
Tighter checks to ensure that new staff are on the correct payroll for employment (i.e. moved from casual payroll to main payroll)
Improvements to the process for adding cost codes/ research codes to ensure that staff are paid from the correct account, which will improve our financial reporting and remove unnecessary checking and rework.
Removal of the paper process for payroll inputting which will free up some time for payroll staff
Improvements to the communications to new staff about pension entitlements and schemes.
A standard operating procedure for contract issuing.

The team also made some recommendations that were out of scope for the project around improving compliance checks for overseas candidates and advice about pre-occupational health checks.

The team are going to implement the new process from 20 June 2016. We will support the team through implementation stage and will be monitoring process time improvements, number of contract reissues and staff satisfaction as measures of project success.

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