Thursday, 30 June 2016

Providing an excellent customer service

In the Process Improvement Unit we consider providing an excellent customer service is vital.  Our customers are the large numbers of staff who attend our events, workshops, training and meetings.

In the LEAN environment the customer is the one who places value on your output based on how much their requirements are satisfied.  Professor Noriaki Kano, who developed the Kano Model to understand customer requirements, considers that these requirements are in three parts, needs, wants and delighters. If the customer’s needs (essentials) and wants (expectations) are met then the customer will be satisfied.  If they receive a service that is over and above what is expected (delighters) that will increase the level of satisfaction.

With this in mind I have noted below several services I provide in my role as Clerical Officer within the Unit to meet our customers’ wants and needs:
  • Ensuring I provide accurate and detailed (when necessary) information at all times.
  • Responding to queries/emails in a timely manner.
  • Providing refreshments at our meetings ensuring the drinks machine is well stocked with a variety of drinks and help if required to work our drinks machine.
  • Recognising the diversity of our customers and their requirements and needs.
  • Ensuring all documents/training materials are in place and the room is set out accordingly to make sure there are no delays.
  • Being able to provide a basic overview of LEAN methodology when addressing first line queries.
  • Being welcoming by greeting attendees to our events and training with a smile, courtesy and a helpful attitude.

Additionally, some delighters:
  • Providing interesting lunches at all week events with a mixture of different types of food every day.
  • Providing in events homemade cakes baked by Rachel and Dave.

Conclusively, there is no room for complacency when endeavouring to provide an excellent customer service. We need to ensure that we always ‘know our customer’ which requires identifying our customers’ expectations and following up both positive and negative comments in feedback.

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  1. An excellent representation and demonstration of how the PIU team approach customer service