Thursday, 14 July 2016

Pesky Processes

I’ve spent most of today travelling to the Montreal for the Network for Change and Continuous Innovation Conference. I’ve been fortunate enough to be awarded a UCISA travel bursary.

Part of the immigration queue at Trudeau Airport
I’m not a very patient traveller and today tested my patience quite substantially. I had two flights, both were delayed and I seemed to spend most of my time queuing and waiting. The batch and queue process of a flight is always going to present challenges to airport staff, but there is always room for improvement...

On a happier note, I observed lots of excellent visual management methods – a fantastic way of communicating with people regardless of what language they speak, lots of very customer focused staff who made every attempt to help and support customers through the poor processes and finally I spotted lots of smiling, happy children who found the whole journey (queuing and all) a source of wonder and excitement. Perhaps, I should have taken a leaf out of their book and remembered how lucky I am to be taking this trip in the first place.

I’ll be blogging and tweeting about the conference, which I hope that some of you will find useful.

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