Monday, 19 December 2016

Enjoy a Lean Christmas with all the trimmings

A contradiction in terms?  Not necessarily.  The principles of lean are concerned with adding value, doing what matters and achieving
results that are better for everyone concerned.  Surely this is what Christmas is all about.  If one of the core pillars of lean is the Deming cycle of PDCA Plan – Do – Check – Act (or PDSA with Study in place of Check) lets look at how this might help us have the best Christmas possible. 
For our Lean Christmas how about the following as a model for success:

 Plan for a successful Christmas by:

  • What presents do people really want?
  • What food do we all like?
  • Who is coming?
  • What needs doing when?
  • How do we share the tasks?
  • What does a great Christmas mean for everyone?

 Do have a fantastic Christmas:

  • Delegate things
  • Share the load
  • Have fun together
  • Listen to understand

Check/Study what works, what doesn't, and:

              • Be flexible
              • What went well?
              • What could be better?
              • What next time?
              • ABC *

Act to improve:

  • Avoid waste (presents people don't want, food uneaten)
  • Avoid argument (ABC again)
  • Adjust to help everyone
  • Play games (charades anyone?)
  • Enjoy?

Oh, my 'ABC' ?
Well it’s my mnemonic to keep me from blowing a fuse when old Uncle Vernon drinks all my best whisky or my sister in law’s kid’s dog eats all the turkey leftovers.  It goes like this:

So, if I ask myself what I believe about the events and people as my hackles rise (are they really malicious, unhelpful, against me..... or, perhaps, just very appreciative of my whisky and having lots of fun with the dog).  This lets me consider how I want to respond - is my best action really to hit the roof and upset everyone, or take a deep breath and remind myself that it really is Christmas.

Best wishes for a fantastic, fun and values driven Christmas.

Thanks for reading.

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