Friday, 2 December 2016


Last week I was in Brighton for #CISGPCMG16 “From vision to embed – going all the way with institutional change”. The conference was a first for the two UCISA groups (Corporate Information Systems and Project and Change Management Group) to co-host a conference.

There were a host of keynotes and showcases focused on change in Higher Education. Particular learning points/ areas of note for me were:
Interesting case studies on how the University of Brighton and the University of Salford are focusing and pursuing change in their institutions – a reminder that we must always reflect on institutional culture and requirements before embarking on a change.

My Director of IT @cloggingchris gave an entertaining look back over twenty years of being an IT Director and managed to remind us all just how much change we have all been managing over the years.

I found all of the keynotes and business showcases really helpful in generating ideas on things we could try back here in Sheffield. I really love working in a sector that shares good practice so freely and honestly. My top takeaways from the conference are:
1.     Think about a more strategic approach to getting student engagement in improvement activities
2.     Consider how we can prepare our project sponsors more effectively for sponsoring our improvement projects (and better support them throughout the project)
3.     Improve implementation stages and consider what information people running service desks etc. may benefit from at implementation stage
4.     Identify ways to help project teams have greater autonomy; they will be more responsive and reactive to change.
5.     Remember to use the toolkits and resources on the UCISA webpages
On a personal note, I was really pleased to see the published version of the Establishing Process Improvement Capability guide #EPIC that I co-authored with Steve Yorkstone.
We had some really positive feedback from people at the conference, we’d really appreciate further feedback, so please do take a look.

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