Thursday, 12 January 2017

Community of Practice Event

One of the facets of the remit of the Process Improvement Unit that keeps me awake at night is the requirement to help with the creation of a culture of continuous improvement in the University. We have lots of anecdotal information about this happening, but effectively evidencing this can be more challenging.

One of the ways that does evidence this strand of work is our Community of Practice. We invite all staff who have taken either our eight module practitioner training or the four module Embedding Continuous Improvement Training to attend the community of practice.

The community of practice event that we held yesterday (11 January 2017) was well attended. I am indebted to colleagues from the Continuous Improvement Unit (CIU) at Leeds Beckett University for delivering the majority of this session. They gave an overview of their approach and in a very open and honest manner shared their challenges as well as their successes. I am always impressed by the activity at CIU, one of the things I am particularly interested in is the support the get from an academic colleague, Ollie Jones who is part of the team but also actively undertaking research into lean practice. The team get an awful lot of benefits from Ollie’s presence e.g academic credibility, involvement in action research, training and development, a critical friend to name a just a few.

The stress toys and sweeties provided by Leeds Beckett were well received!
Claire and Michael also led an interactive session for attendees to explore their continuous improvement journey and shared some accessible and helpful tools to support effective evaluation and embedding continuous improvement in everyday practice.

We also spend some time going back to first principles, providing the group with a refresher of lean fundamentals and principles.

Feedback from the event was very positive and I look forward to scheduling the next event (hopefully in June or July). For me it also provided a fantastic forum for people to share their projects and ideas and feedback about how they are making continuous improvements in their areas of work. I came away feeling enthused and energised, and use this blog as just one way of saying thank you to everyone who took time out of the day job to attend the event.

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