Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Lean in HE UK (North and Midlands) Group Seminar

Last week I was delighted to attend the latest Lean in HE North and Midlands group seminar hosted this time by Sheffield Hallam (which was very convenient for me!). The day was split into two halves, with the steering group meeting in the morning and a seminar led by Hallam in the afternoon.   

During the steering group meeting we discussed the groups Jisc email and agreed that as a group we could do more to ensure it is useful by using it more proactively ourselves and by encouraging those who haven’t joined to give it a go! It is open to anyone in HE who has an interest in continuous improvement and is a good way to hear about any upcoming events or to communicate with or reach out to fellow members e.g. if you have a question that you feel the wider community may be able to help you with.
Amongst other points the group also elected the new Chair (Paula Dunn - University of Leeds) and Deputy Chair (Katie Wall - Sheffield Hallam University) and those who were lucky enough to attend the Lean in HE conference this year in Sydney fed back their learning to the group.

We were then joined by other members of the Lean in HE North and Midlands group for a fabulous lunch and a thoroughly informative and enjoyable afternoon seminar. Firstly we were split into groups and encouraged to sit with people we didn’t already know which I found was a good way of meeting other people, particularly when it came to the later exercises. Sheffield Hallam then gave a presentation about their journey for ‘Developing a CI Service - from inception to reality in 18 months’. They then talked through a couple of CI tools they find particularly useful, SIPOC and customer personae, before letting the groups have a go at using the tools themselves. I always find it useful to have a practical go so really welcomed this element of the seminar. I found their take on a SIPOC particularly interesting as it drew down to identify the inputs/ outputs/ suppliers and responsibilities associated with each step rather than looking more generally at the process overall, a variation I will definitely try myself!

I want to say a big thank you to everyone who organised the day and particularly to Sheffield Hallam for hosting and for facilitating such an enjoyable and engaging afternoon session.

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